Food Service

Food Service by Masterpiece Creations

  • Full-service catering for any occasion from a corporate event to a social dinner for 1400+
  • Specialized menus to fit any occasion
  • Portable concession and beverage service available throughout the facility


Audio/Visual by MAC Productions

  • Full range of technology and production support via with a broad range of experience working with international corporations, national associations and local / regional businesses
  • Professional sound and lighting support

Technology Services

Secure and reliable technology services

  • Voice
  • Data
  • Services designed to keep pace with future advancements in technology

Technology Services

Technology and thinking ahead are two concepts that have contributed to the Northern Kentucky Convention Center's success since its opening in November of 1998. The center has its own, in-house, full service department for voice and data transmission.

Everything from local area networking (LAN) and fiber optics to Video Conferencing are key factors to the success of the Center's meetings, exhibits, conventions and tradeshows. Analog and digital lines are also available for incoming and outgoing calls and conference calling. The Center's satellite up-link / down-link capabilities are also an option. This allows anyone to work with, speak with, see, and otherwise communicate with clients or company offices in another part of the globe with ease. Attendees are able to use any and all of these services throughout the building, whether it be in the meeting rooms, ballrooms, or exhibit halls.

The facility design allows for future change and advancement with today's constantly emerging technology. Via an infrastructure design path, the Center is able to route more cable and allow for expansion and growth to meet the demands of the technological advances in the community to meet our customers demands.

We are certain the Northern Kentucky Convention Center will be able to meet all of your technological needs.


Wired internet service is provided by a 10MB Fiber Optic connection and delivered over a standard RJ45 jack.

Services that can be provided include:

  • High-Speed Internet Access (Shared Ethernet)
  • Video Conferencing
  • Dial-up and ISDN Internet Circuits
  • Temporary LAN/WAN/VPN construction
  • Point-to-Point Data Networking
  • Ethernet Switch Rental
  • Webcasting and Streaming Videos
  • IT support

Wireless Internet

The Northern Kentucky Convention Center is equipped with Complimentary Wireless Internet that is 802.11 b/g compliant. The complimentary wireless is throttled to 1024kbps per user to the capacity of the buildings connection.

Each access point can hold up to 32 simultaneous connections and our current firewall can hold up to one million concurrent sessions. On the 1st floor level we have three 3Com Omni-Directional antennas and three 3Com access points. On the second floor conference level we have seven 3Com Omni-Directional antennas and seven 3Com access points. The network name is: nkyccwifi (Be sure to choose this when connecting to the wireless network).

We do suggest a wired connection if you are using the internet for a presentation or any mission critical connection. Wireless service is inherently vulnerable to interference from other devices that transmit similar radio frequency signals or that operate within the same frequency spectrum. NKYCC cannot guarantee that interference will not occur.

If you are doing any type of VPN, we do suggest a test run to assure there are no issues that need to be addressed.


The Northern Kentucky Convention Center is the exclusive provider for telecommunication services within the building.

  • Multi-line and Single-line Phone Rentals
  • Voice, Fax, Modem, or Credit Card Lines
  • Long Distance Capabilities

Contact Information

Northern Kentucky Convention Center
One West RiverCenter Blvd.
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